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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  August 20, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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related. >> the 46-year-old mother of three has sued baltimore county and police officers, arguing there was no need to taser her and her children during a traffic stop last year. >> county police used the taser and filed criminal charges against her for a rigorous six weeks ago she was found not guilty on the charges. good -- criminal charges against her. six weeks ago she was found not to be on the charges. >> i had wine at dinner, but that was it. >> it was a year ago. alicia was returning home from a family dinner when she ran through a police radar. police say she ignored their sirens. she said she could not hear it because her children were singing. she eventually did stop. she says the police officers angrily ordered her from the
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car. >> when he grabbed me from the car, he looked with a flashlight in my eye, and it shocked me, and my elbow not his flashlight out of his hands. >> she felt what happened next. >> of burning kind of electricity going through your stomach. i basically said, i cannot believe u.k.'s -- you tased me. they wanted me to take sobriety tests. i said no. when i said i was not going to take it, they said i was under a rust. >> she says police tried to handcuff her and hit her with a taser again, this time firing of promise -- a prong.
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>> all the time my children were watching. >> could you feel the current? >> oh, yes. >> officers described her as a combative, claimed she was fighting and spoke with slurred speech, but a hospital described her as having speech that was clear. police charged with assault, resisting arrest, and driving under the influence. the case went to trial in june. the judge tossed out the charges triggered >> we have always argued there was no probable cause to suspect she was intoxicated or to arrest her common -- to arrest her. >> now they argue the use of excessive force. >> now seems the pacers are a
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warning. a lot of people think they are a very serious use, almost four deadly force. >> police have previously told us they do not comment on lawsuits that have been filed. city police have arrested two more people and the brutal beating of a man who spent the morning fishing with his wife. the suspect admitted it would not have happened if the suspect were wife. >> please tell us they have all three suspects in custody, including two teenage boy is, who seem to be putting the blame. we're also hearing from the victim's wife for the first time as she opens up to 11 years.
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-- to 11 news. police say they are the last pieces in the puzzle concerning the beating of the 76-year-old. according to documents, they told police it was 28-year-old calvin, a white supremacist, who initiated the attack, and that they had no ties to racist groups and were forced to go along with lockyer, who forced them to flee with him. >> it took a primary role in the assaults and much of the racial aspects. >> here we are trying to unnerve some fun, and he is around and about, but he is not well. >> vessel opened up, saying the
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whole ordeal has been -- ethel open up, saying the whole ordeal has been terrifying. she wonders if this will change things in society. >> we have to try and figure out a way of keeping this away, and i do not know how that is going to happen because all these gains are forming, and where do we go from here? >> she also expressed concern, saying there are a lot of seniors there, and lighting is almost nonexistent. >> we go with garbage bags to clean it up. there is no light in there. that is why this happened. >> while she could not offer too many details because of pending legal action, she says she is trying to remain positive. after all, her husband is still alive. >> he is still with me. i have someone to yell at. >> both teams are being charged
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as adults and face a long list of charges including attempted first-degree murder and assault, but they will not face a hate crime charges. they are being held without bond. >> mayor dixon is looking for information on all subpoenas issued after the original indictment in january. she claims any subpoenas issued after the indictment counts. the once earlier dismissed are now included in the latest indictment against her. >> mourning the loss of a longtime colleague. the 41-year-old firefighter, and james smith, jr., was found dead inside his home this week. he has been a member of the fire department for 19 years. of ewing is going on -- of
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viewing is going on tonight. firefighters smith will be buried at cedars hill cemetery. >> the only person ever convicted in the 19 days -- 1988 bombing of a pan am bombing is free to night. scottish officials released him from prison, terminally ill. there were several people from maryland who died on that flight, and the news that he is with his own family is not sitting well at all. melissa spoke to one victim's family. >> they lost their daughter on that flight, and while the explosion may have happened more than 20 years ago, they are reliving the pain thanks to the scottish government. >> she is mourning the loss of her only biological child, even though she died more than 20 years ago. >> i am wearing black, because this is a black day. >> last night she found out the
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only man convicted of the bombing will be set free. >> the fact that he is going home to his family in time for ramadan, i am in the state of total disbelief. krask>> it was announced an actf passion. now he only has a few months to live. marion's stepfather says he feels betrayed. >> he brutally murdered 270 people. i see no reason to grant him amnesty, and that is what this amounts to. he is going home to is family and not just another person or hospital. >> they said they are trying to work through the grief and are still reeling from the decision, one they do not think they will ever understand.
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>> he is saying a live band comfort of one state-sponsored terrorist -- the life and comfort of one state-sponsored terrorist is more important than the lives of all 270 innocent loved ones. >> the only way to deal with the hurt and pain is to compartmentalize all of this and try to push on, but rose murray says she will never get over the death of her child region rose mary says she will never get over the death of her child and they are still -- rosemary says she will never get over the death of her child and they are still mourning. >> we want to know what you think. text the word yes or no to this number. so far we have heard from close to 400 of you, and 94% of those who tex did not disagree with the decision. only 6% are in support. there's still time to weigh in.
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we will update the results on 11 news tonight at 11:00. >> the county executive jim smith was on hand to honor and am -- an elementary school student as winner of an award for excellence in math and science. >> ever since i began my career, i have been a special educator and have a hard for the underdog, and i think watching kids come to life and have fun is real rewarding. >> the award is the highest recognition that a teacher can received in the united states. she was also given an executive citation. >> be sure to stay with us. more news is ahead. >> the man who accidently set a fire that displaced 30 people is speaking out tonight.
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i am live with that story coming up. >> a greater volume, hear about that in sports. >> not too much storm activity going on. we will detail it in the weather forecast. it is not very cool at the airport. 90. inner har
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>> fire officials say more than two dozen people were uprooted from their homes. >> he started the fire accidentally when he knocked over a candle. live whitmore. >> no one -- no one was injured, but people were displaced. the man who accidentally cause the stem and says he is sorry.
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>> i saw this all engulfed in flames and thick of the phone and called 911. >> i thought this whole place was going to go up. >> the man who lives there explains what happened. >> i apparently knocked it over while i was dozing off, and here we are. >> he tried to put the fire out with water, but it spread too quickly. neighbors say he apologized about what he it -- what he did. >> i was grateful he was honest. >> i see it all the time in the news. it always happens to other people. you do not think it is going to
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happen to you. >> most families were able to return to their homes on thursday, but some will have to move to another apartment and start over. he and his family lost everything. some things can be replaced with money. others are gone forever. >> right now i think i would have to start from scratch because i do not have anything right now. >> fire officials say because this was an accident, no charges will be filed. >> now your weather plus forecast with john collins. >> not much storm activity around the area today. a little bit in pennsylvania and baltimore. i have circled baltimore as a reference point. we have a few showers for rioja -- a few showers. most of the storm activity moves
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eastward from pennsylvania, and those are not nearly as strong as an hour ago but did produce some hail and gusty winds' triggered if a storm cell develops over you, -- and gusty winds. if the storm cell develops, they are not moving very quickly, and there is not much activity now, but the atmosphere is loaded with lots of moisture. if anything huelva, we have a chance for rain. morning lows are only 76 degrees. here in town, no rain. here you see the clouds from those storms with the stronger storms in pennsylvania.
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some pretty strong thunderstorms in the mountains of virginia and really strong in ohio. we have beautiful satellite pictures. so for the storm has stayed to see, missing the eastern seaboard, -- has stayed out to sea, missing the eastern seaboard. it is going to cause rip currents. warm and humid overnight. a few thunderstorms or showers are possible. 87 to 91. a better chance towards evening and overnight for scattered showers and thunderstorms. a slight risk for severe weather
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tomorrow northwest of the city toward the great lakes and reaching to the southern plains. possibly a tornado. future cash shows the storm coming in, but even saturday we are still dealing with the chance of rain. we can see elements of the hurricane. sunday and monday at looks like we will improve considerably. the highest range chances late friday into saturday morning. you see the -- the highest rain chances are late saturday -- late friday and saturday morning. >> now 11 sports. >> was the raven's wrapping of training camp on sunday, the wide receiver continues to limit the work on the sidelines. john says they look ahead of schedule to return from a hamstring injury, but he is not close to coming back just yet.
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the ravens had practiced today. jonathan ogden was on hand, trying to take the scoring efficiency in the red zone to a much higher level than they have done in the last five years. john bill like seeing the defense this week because it -- he believes it will help them improve and raise the performance to the level of good competition. >> this is the perfect game for the ravens this week, and it is not because of anything other than the fact that we're going to get a good football team that is going to play really hard and challenge us every step of the way. they are going to play the way they play, and they are going to bring pressure and challenge us with what they do offensively, and they are going to run the ball and throw it deep and be aggressive. >> the manhattan nightclub the latin quarter charges of $20 cover charge, but for the
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former wide receiver, but the final price tallied at $27,000,000.20 years in jail. he accepted a plea bargain for one -- $27 million a 20 years in jail. he exempted of plea-bargain. the giants released burris after last season. he lost off -- lost out on $27 million of the contract. he would have faced a minimum of 3.5 years in prison, but this afternoon, the former quarterback reacts to the news. >> i am sad and disappointed and feel bad for how this works out and the circumstances he has been put through, so knowing this is -- it is a shame that it happened. >> the men's basketball team will always remember making it to the final four of the end of the 2007 season. history will not.
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the n.c.a.a. has stripped memphis of all 38 wins and forced the school to return its winds. memphis completed several infractions, including letting him who entered the school with a fraudulent s.a.t. score. here lies the grand salon and the system of punishment. he faces no penalty now. he coaches at kentucky. please stay with us. john collins has the weekend forecast coming your way.
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>> 14 athletes collapsed for what appears to be heat-related injuries. they were taken to area hospitals for treatment. tonight we are live with the
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>> more hot sticky weather for another day or a day and a half. just a few showers and baltimore
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counties and pennsylvania, and that is about it. we repeat the situation tomorrow. warm and humid. rain chances go up tomorrow and the first part of saturday, but saturday's temperatures get knocked down a little, and by sunday, a shower or two and less humidity going into next week. >> nightly news with brian williams is up next. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] hundreds on car insurance.
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